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Every business moves through the same lifecycle. EVERY. Business. 

Understanding the business lifecycle, as it applies to your business and where every one of your clients is situated, is so fundamental an entrepreneurial skill that the lifecycle sits at the very top of the Contextual Business Plan in our book.

In this video, we want to focus on you: What are the Top 3 Priorities of a Start-up Business?

If you find this video valuable, then you will love the extra videos we have as Bonus Features in our book. These go into detail about the behaviors and priorities of businesses after Start Up. We dive deeper into each of the next three phases in the life cycle: Scale Up, Step Up, and Sell Up.

Wherever your clients are in their businesses, one of these will have immediate relevance. Watching each of these will help you better understand, service, and sell to your customers.

But start here at the beginning, with the excitement of new enterprise, and the Top 3 Priorities for a Start Up business. 

New business owners have a choice: they can pay to learn from the experience of others, or they can pay to make the expensive mistakes themselves. A copy of our book The Start-up Business Guide is the best investment you’ll make in the success of your business.

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