It’s the beginning of 2020. There are many graduations done. Many of them have abandoned their jobs. And most of them are still unsure about their careers in the New Year. And some of them are looking into businesses. If you’re one of those, then you’re in the right place. Our conviction is that there is nothing like someone born with a spirit of entrepreneurship. If you really want to start a business, you need to know something about it, or just jump into it and learn afterwards. Like the traditional legendary saying, “Marry the girl and you’d fall in love with her afterwards”

But you’re not going to like to jump from a plane if you really don’t know how to use your parachute? Or you’re just going to learn it after running. HECK, guy! Not that.

Likewise, if you drive straight into the business, you have to spend a lot of your money to understand and learn from the mistakes. However, we cannot ignore destiny as well. But it’s the same in most situations.

The idea for the book “50 First Steps” began in early 2018. When a young entrepreneur, Shan Naqvi, started interviewing leaders, businessmen, and experts from around the world to learn and train newbie entrepreneurs, or perhaps a start-up entrepreneur, that’s the right word.

Shan has learned the mistakes the others have made. You must have learned of a quote that is worth a million dollars ‘ worth of advice. What does that mean? So let’s say that an individual started a business and spent millions of dollars and failed to make it succeed. And if you make the error, it just means it’s worth a million dollars’ worth of advice, because it can save your millions.

After a while, Shan met a very young and prosperous entrepreneur on his journey, Jacob Aldridge. A well-known international business consultant and mentor who has worked throughout the world. Jacob and Shan were on the same quest to actually educate business owners to build a massive and growing business.

The most interesting thing about this book is that both writers work in very different parts of the world. One from a very well-known country, such as Australia, and another from a very small town, such as Odero Lal, which is not even considered on the map of his country.

And this gives a clear message that if you want to be a business owner, you don’t need to be in a country like America. You can do that anywhere in the world.

As the other author of the book is the Jacob who is a deep generalist. So this book covers almost everything which you need to learn to start your very successful business.

This covers topics such as personal development, start-up feelings, revenue, business model and much more.